“Lumen Art Division” is a stage and lighting design studio that combines production and visualization of a number of concerts, shows, theatrical and architectural design dimensions.

Our guideline is to combine the modern design technologies in a single art form that are integrated in the stage images, attaching the technical technologies, tools and the structure of production management. There by, a precise and appropriate stage image is achieved by developing a joint essence and interconnection between the structures. It reflects the idea of ​​the artist, singer, group or show and enhances it by improving and implementing more accurate image of the atmosphere to spectators.

The out put of the studio includesa number of directions; knowledge and appropriate application of these directions create desired result:

StageDesign / Scenography
Lighting design
Multi-media system
Video and visual materials
Special effects
3D / 4D modeling and visualization of the project
Production Management of the project

The studio brings together several experts of the project and their professional activity in the concrete project team and in the formation of structure design. Each project will develop its own individuals shape and the appropriate technical solution, also including the technical realization of the concrete stage. The studio is based on more than 15 years of experience of internationally recognized professionals in the industry. Our studio guarantees maximum results; basing them on the precision and targeted planning that ensure each stage with safety and quick response in force-major situations. A complete set of activities that includes the elements mentioned above is developed in the creation of a project, there by providing precise operational steps of implementation (idea, development, management, marketing, and summary).

World known artists, video designers, stage designers, directors and technical companies are attracted to the creation of the projects - concerts, shows, plays, TV filming and others. They are attached, depending on the artistic idea, production and project type. In addition, young, prospective professionals and artists, who provide fresh ideas and visions, are involved. Thus, they make projects more sophisticated with different, innovative views.

Strong base of technical knowledge and production management supports the successful realization of the project, which improves the project with the base of logistics, planning, calculations and experience through the creation of tours and events of wide range.